Ron’s Glass – Uncut!

Hi there. This is my first post and I’m very excited to share my creations, ideas and questions about My Stained Glass Works.

I began working in glass a couple of decades ago but then put it aside until last spring. Now, in retirement, I have more time to pursue this passion. I invite you to view my work, and comment on or offer helpful advice.

The designs are entirely mine and often come from Jewish sources as well as personal connections with friends and family.

Why glass? I started working with glass on a lark. I took a Rec & Ed class and discovered the challenge and the beauty of designing and executing my vision. My first piece was in honor of the birth of my son, Ari. Ari is Hebrew for lion and the design is primitive with his name in Hebrew intertwined with the lion’s tail.

The next few pieces were also dedicated to people with their name and a symbol representing their personality or interest.

Now I’m expanding to pieces experimenting with shapes and colors. I hope you enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Ron’s Glass – Uncut!

  1. Hi Ronnie, what a nice surprise to wake to this lovely site.
    Your work is beautiful, meticulous, clean, precise, all the perfect things to hear about stain glass.
    The results of your creative side are really …creative. Nice to see when people work outside the box.
    Your web sit is also lovely, the font, the color the design, very very pleasant to look at.

  2. Ron:

    What wonderful artistic expression! Mazel tov on being able to create and share your passions with us in such a marvelous manner.

    May you continue to go from strength to strength.

    B’ Shalom,

  3. באמת, משהו!!!

    מתי ואיפא יופיעו היהלומים שלך, רון?

    הייתי רוצה לראות אילו ועוד במו עיני!!

    במזל טוב ובהצלחה רבה!!! בילא ליאה

  4. Amazing work. Hope you keep this up. I had no idea. And I thought you were just another pretty face on the bima….

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