Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh is the second piece in my nautical series.

This gorgeous artwork will be hanging with the other pieces in this series at an enchanting, lakefront store, Noble, in Lexington, Michigan. Nobel’s partner asked me to design and create several original pieces, all with a nautical theme, specifically for his lakefront store. This is the second commissioned piece I have created for this venue.

If you’ve never been to Lexington, visit there soon. The quaint shops combined with warm summer days are exactly how the dog days of summer should be spent. What’s your favorite summer memory? Walk the decks and check out the yachts.

Please let me know if you have a design you’d like me to create for that special someone or occasion. Or, an original design made just for you.

6 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh

  1. Hi Ron. I am not a big nautical buff, but your piece Anchors Away is really beautiful! You are an amazing artist, and your pieces just keep getting better and better!

  2. I am so impressed with your creativity, your art skills and all your pieces.
    They are so beautiful and so meaningful! Mazal tov to you and all the family. Keep up the wonderful work. Sara

  3. I like the way you used the color of the glass to enhance your design. It won’t be long before you move up to fabric!

  4. So much fun to ‘see’ your dreams, Ron. You’re doing such The Mitzvah!!! enriching our lives beyond your imagination.

  5. Dear Ron,
    Your work is beautiful. I love glass works and you have a great talent. Keep doing what you do. I don’t know if it matters but I am very impressed.

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