Go Blue! Go Green!







The moment I published my Block “M” on my Facebook page there was a clamor for an MSU Block “S”.  So, Sparty fans, here you go.  Let’s have a little wager:  How many comments will I get referencing the “M”  —  and how many for the “S”?

Express your “true blue” or “true green” pride!

The Block M measures  14″ X  12 1/2″.   The Block S measures  10″ X  14″.   I can replicate either of these in a size of your choosing.   Anyone out there looking for an Eastern Michigan Block “E”?   I can do that too!

2 thoughts on “Go Blue! Go Green!

  1. Hi Ron! Great to hear some news from you! I do believe you are enjoying retirement–not that you weren’t creative at JFK, but your work is amazing.
    MY vote for the block letters must go to the green “S”–love my Spartans!
    Hope you and the family are happy and healthy–miss hearing about all your ( and the kids) travel adventures.


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