Anchors Aweigh Reprised

Why Anchors Aweigh Reprised?

I had created this design for a piece more than 4 years ago.

A friend (and former purchaser) saw my previous work and thought how appropriate it would be as a gift for her brother-in-law who was to be ordained as a monk in the Anamchara Fellowship, a religious community within the Episcopal Church  As a novice monk, he is expected to select the name of an early Celtic monk .  The following is a quote from the program:  “I will be given the name Brother John Brendan. I chose Brendan to honor St. Brendan, an early Celtic monk who journeyed establishing churches and monasteries. Brendan is associated with the sea and seafarers. Legend has that Brendan, at the age of 80, gathered a group of monks with him and set out on a voyage into the Atlantic and may have traveled as far as North America in their search for the “Promised Land”. He reminds me to trust God as I navigate the storms of life trusting as he did in faith to carry him through.  The symbol of Brother John Brendan is an anchor.

Congratulations to  John Filkins as he dons the robes of his order.

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