Matan’s Menorah

–This is Matan’s Menorah.  He and I made it just in time for Chanukah. 

The picture on the left shows the raw materials.

The glass is reminiscent of Jerusalem Stone.  The picture above shows Matan using the glue gun to assemble his Menorah.  But by far the most important and authentic materials of this menorah are the shards of pottery which date from the time of the Maccabees!!  I collected them at an archeological dig I participated in 3 years ago.  They were waiting in my studio for just this moment.  The 8 candles – plus the shamash, represent the 8 days of Chanukah.  The 12 shards of pottery represent the 12 Tribes.


Matan will be lighting his own menorah this Chanukah, and God willing, for many years to come!

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