Ner Tamid – The Eternal Flame

The Ner Tamid – the Eternal Flame a light hanging in front of and above the Ark in every synagogue. It is symbolic of the light of truth and the presence of God.

My Ner Tamid highlights the flame burning from the Heart of Judaism, the two Tablets of the Law.

You too can share this beautiful glass as a unique and meaningful wedding gift.



The 10 Commandments, The Tree of Life, and the 613 Commandments

There are 613 Commandments in the Torah.

Tradition tells us that 10 were etched on the tablets Moses brought down from Mount Sinai.

The Commandments are a Tree of Life for those who follow it’s precepts.




Here, in a single piece, are all those concepts.

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Y’Hi Ohr – Va’Y’Hi Ohr

Sometimes I talk to the glass – and sometimes the glass talks to me. This glass suggested A Primordial Soup, a theory which suggests that Life began in a warm ocean from a combination of chemicals. But I saw something preceding even the beginning of Life.

From Genesis Chapter One: “When God began to create Heaven and Earth the earth was unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep…

Genesis 1:3-4 … and then there was light …. ….and God saw that the light was good …

Genesis 1: 11-12 . . . . God said, “Let the Earth sprout vegetation.  And the Earth brought forth vegetation bearing plants of every kind.”

And There Was Light – Va Y’hi Ohr

In this piece I continue the theme of creation and God’s design
for the origins of our living planet.  The green glass is a symbol of the abundance of Earth’s bounty.

The giving of the 10 Commandments at Sinai initiated the process of forming Israel’s spiritual identity and is illustrated by the Tablets of the Law.

The two Magan David represent the forging of Israel’s national identity and creativity of the people of Israel.

Then God said: Y’HI OHR — “LET THERE BE LIGHT” and there was Light.

Light symbolizes human-kind’s commitment to clarity, rather than mystery — to openness over secrecy — to study rather than blind faith.