My Teaching “Friends of Old”

In this post I’m going to leap to the present. At the moment I’m working on a series of images for the wonderful friends with whom I worked at JFK High School in Taylor, Michigan. Having been department chair for a group of charming, bright and sweet co-workers, I decided to try to represent each person in a work of glass. In this moment I can only hint at these works; they may check this site and discover ‘something’… but I wanted to post just one. This is for my good friend Courtney. Courtney has dozens of rubber duckies in her office. I placed my design of a ‘duckie’ inside a “C”. I hope Courtney enjoys this as much as I enjoyed creating it – AND as much as guests to my home have enjoyed looking at the sun streaming through it.



2 thoughts on “My Teaching “Friends of Old”

  1. Ron, I can’t say enough how much you inspire me. Your thoughts about people, your words of encouragement, and your hard work in everything you do are amazing! Thank you for being you and giving the rest of the world someone to look up to!

    Love you bunches!


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