Heather: Student, Mentee, Colleague

For me, this is a very special piece. Heather Watts came into my life 20 years ago as a student in my Spanish classes. Back then, she was Heather Roosevelt – a bright, charming and effervescent young lady eager to master not only Spanish, but German as well. I would never have dreamed that two decades later I would have the privilege and the honor of teaching alongside her and mentoring her. As a student, Heather was fun to be with; as a colleague she was a wonder.

As Heather is a deeply religious Christian, I chose as the design an “H” for Heather with a Cross as the crossbar in the “H”. More than any other piece, the luminescence of the glass emphasizes the cross which is surrounded by blue skies with wisps of clouds.



4 thoughts on “Heather: Student, Mentee, Colleague

  1. This piece and what your wrote about Heather brought tears to my eyes! You are an amazing person, and you will always be missed by us! The building just isn’t the same with you gone.

  2. Ron:
    I never realized until I came across your blog, that I married into a family of creative geniuses! My wife, Millie Levin Molner, has just published a book of her poems and the first printing was sold out at the first book signing at The Park At Trowbridge senior residence. Your creative work in the field of stained glass, represents a most remarkable talent in the modernization of this ancient art. You are a true craftsman and your work will grace the windows in homes of the folks with taste and an appreciation of superb design for many decades to come.
    Bob Molner

  3. Hola Señor. Qué bueno que continue Usted a trabajar tan duro. El arte es fantastico! Tenga Usted un bueno año nuevo. Hasta la vista! Siempre su estudiante…. Heather

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