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pink ribbon_2176

Facebook is an amazing tool. Friends and students I knew from decades ago have searched, found me, and are surprised to see what I am doing these days. One of my student’s mothers is a cancer survivor. The student commissioned mPink Ribbon For Bloge to create a piece to commemorate the anniversary of her being cancer free. After several emails back and forth we came up with the simple design above.

Post script: After seeing the first Pink Ribbon, and ‘friend of old’ (rather than an ‘Old Friend’ asked me to commission the same design. The result is the photo of the second Pink Ribbon.

I am now working on my 4th Pink Ribbon with an order for a 5th!


Everyone is familiar with the Pink Ribbon, but this is an Orange Ribbon – the ribbon for Leukemia.  What follows is an unabashed political statement.

An acquaintance of my mother-in-law lost his job and along with it, his family’s health insurance.  Subsequently his wife was diagnosed with Leukemia.  The family now faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.  There is a fundraising auction this weekend with dozens of donated services and goods.  This is my small contribution to the effort.   What industrialized country would allow this family to enter bankruptcy in order to cover medical expenses?   Shame on Us!

The Pink Ribbon measures 12 X 14 but can be modified to suit your needs.

2 thoughts on “Pink Ribbon

  1. Love my Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon. Glad you referred to my as a Friend of Old rather than old friend! Ha, Ha… It’s truly beautiful!!

  2. I was wondering how long it would take you to make a piece like this and how much it usually runs. My mother and her friends have created a organization for Breast Cancer Survivors and their families and this would be a wonderful item to raffle off at their wine tasting in October.

    Please let me know your thoughts!

    Thank you,

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