Day and Night – Rosh Chodesh

How different this piece looks at day and night!

Sunrise – Sunset

This piece is special to me.

It recalls Parshat B’reishit – Genesis, Chapter 1 – “And there was light





The first two photos are daytime pics.


The 3rd is nighttime.

I used a bright copper patina and it made all the difference in the night view


The 4th is how my picture window looks at this moment.



And the last photo is the nighttime view from outside.

I like that people walking by at night get to enjoy the view.

Some Spring Flowers

IMG_5877             IMG_5579

I’ve been busy Fusing Glass this Spring.  Here are a couple of bowls in honor of the start of summer.





Saugatuck?  Ft. Meyers?  Sarasota?  Where's Your Beach?

There’s a truism in architecture that states that if the orientation of the piece is facing left or west there is a suggestion of Questioning or Wisdom. When it faces to the right or the east, it conjures feelings of Youthfulness and Freshness.

I never realized how differently the piece looks until I was done with one side and flipped it to the other to finish — and saw a sunrise instead of a sunset.

What would be your choice?