Tzedek – Work for Justice, Day and Night!

In these post-election times, it’s incumbent for All to work for Justice

both Day  —  and Night.

This piece appears quite different in the light of day

 —  as contrasted with the darkness of night.







The Scales of Justice – Are they really ever balanced?

I have once again used the theme of the Scales of Justice as unbalanced —

suggesting our constant attempts to create a world of justice for all.

    SCALES3                                      Image

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof — Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue !


Rabbi Robert Dobrusin celebrated his 25th year as rabbi at Congregation Beth Israel in Ann Arbor.  The 8th grade graduating class of 2013 created this mosaic of the Scales of Justice which will hang outside our chapel. 

In gold mirror glass is the word Tzedek – Justice.  It honors the work our Rabbi Dobrusin does for the organization T’ruah, The Rabinnic Call for Human Rights.

Congratulations to our graduates and congratulations to our rabbi!